Royalty Free Stock Sketch Clipart by Patrimonio

  1. Black and White Sketched Jockey on Horseback
  2. Sketched Military General in Shades
  3. Sketched Mary Holding the Dead Christ
  4. Strip Mall Facade
  5. Sketched Medusa Head over a Beige Circle
  6. Sketch of Odin and Ravens on Green
  7. Sketched Samurai Warrior Striking with a Sword
  8. Sketched St John Baptizing Jesus
  9. Sketched Great Bustard Bird
  10. Black and White Sketched Walrus
  11. Brown Sketch of Jesus with a Flag
  12. Brown Sketch of INRI over Jesus on a Crucifix
  13. Rugby Player Running Through Green Mud with a Ball
  14. Sketched Skier
  15. Sketched Blue Cowboy Holding a Gun
  16. Masked Cowboy with a Cape Sketch
  17. Black and White Sketched Horned Monster
  18. Sketched Worker Carrying a Shovel over His Shoulder
  19. Sketched Lineman Worker on a Pole
  20. Sketched Soldier Carrying an American Flag
  21. Stopwatch Sketch
  22. Green Sketch of Two Fighting Male Boxers
  23. Yellow Sketched Jockey on a Horse
  24. Strip Mall Building Sketch
  25. Strip Mall Facade Sketch
  26. Sketched Brick Building Facade