Royalty Free Stock Sketch Clipart by Alex Bannykh

  1. Black and White Sketch of Busy Businessmen with Computers and Charts in an Office
  2. Black and White Sketched Businessman Looking up at a Tall Staircase
  3. Stressed Businessman on a Phone by a Sinking Ship
  4. Sketched Unhappy Displeased Boss Watching His Employee Talk on a Cell Phone
  5. Black and White Angry Receptionist Freaking out at Her Stumped Boss
  6. Black and White Sketched Old Couple Trying to Use a Computer
  7. Black Adn White Couple Reading and Sewing in Front of a Television
  8. Black and White Sketched Shocked Secretary Talking on a Phone
  9. Sketched Pile of Boxes in a Truck
  10. Black and White Nervous Employees Standing Before Their Boss
  11. Old Fashioned Black and White Sketch of Two Businessmen, One Happy the Other Throwing a Fit
  12. Office Worker Staring at a Large Computer Screen
  13. Upset Grumpy Boss Watching His Assistant Bring in Paperwork
  14. Greyscale Black and White Sketch of Men Checking to See if Their Drunk Boss Is Dead or Alive
  15. Old Fashioned Black and White Sketch of Two Businessmen in a Lounge
  16. Businessman Judge Justice Scale Weighing Cubes
  17. Black and White Mans Foot Kicking a Woman and Her Resume out the Door
  18. Black and White Male Artist Painting on a Large Blank Canvas
  19. Sketch of Black and White Pilots Nearing the End of the Runway, Freaking out
  20. Black and White Mad Father Carrying His Bare Bottomed Son and a Belt
  21. Black and White Happy Man Feasting
  22. Black and White Sketch of Tired Businessman Going over Documents
  23. Black and White Business Man Reading in His Messy Office
  24. Black and White Sketched Angry Businessman Shouting at a Doctor
  25. Sketched Man Standing by a Map and Chart
  26. Black and White Sketch of Two Businessmen Sitting in Chairs and Smoking, Discussing Important Matters
  27. Office Boss Businessman Talking with an Employee
  28. Coloring Page Sketch of a Man Reading and Smoking in His Office
  29. Worried, Nervous Man Standing Before His Boss
  30. Black and White Sketch of Two Stern Businessmen Working at a Computer
  31. Black and White Sketch of Two Alarmed, Shocked Businessmen Reading a Document
  32. Black and White Angry Boss Pointing and Firing an Employee
  33. Sketch of Two Men in Their Broken into Office
  34. Black and White Men Helping Their Boss Grab Money with a Pole
  35. Black and White Shocked Businessman Looking at a Computer
  36. Man Reading a Stressed Applicants Resume, Who Is Really Worried
  37. Old Fashioned Black and White Sketch of Two Businessmen Sharing Coffee and Cigarettes
  38. Black and White Sketch of Businessmen Shooting Missiles out of a Large Cannon
  39. Sad Picture of a Man Dead in His Chair After Shooting Himself
  40. Man Standing Behind a Misleading Portrait at an Interview
  41. Coloring Page of a Happy Businessman Reading and Talking on a Phone
  42. Black and White Sketched Sweaty Man Carrying Heavy Chests
  43. Black and White Investigator with Equipment
  44. Black and White Sketched Businessman Taking Notes
  45. Black and White Sketched Man Trying to Hang Himself from a Chandelier
  46. Black and White Pleasant Waiter Taking an Order from a Man
  47. Sketched Bandaged Man Writing Notes
  48. Sketches on Blue Graph Paper
  49. Blue Sketches and Writing on Graph Paper
  50. Sketches and Art